Herald Group
Electrical Testing
  • Insulation resistance tests.
  • Earth resistance tests.
  • Earth fault loop impedance & Prospective fault current test.
  • Power panels thermal imaging and thermos graphic surveys.
  • Phase and motor rotation test.
  • Lux intensity test.
  • RCD test.

Benefits of electrical test

  • Implementing all testing works for network and equipment in site to show all damages produced due to transportation, shipping, storing, manufacturing defects, installation problems and not according to drawing and design.
  • Studying power quality to ensure continuity of electrical current without any disturbance which results in a negative effect on the electrical load and work.
  • Improving power factor (PF) for electrical customer load to save the percentage of electrical consumption.
  • Measuring earthling resistance to ensure safety of labor and equipment.
  • Measuring soil resistively to perform earth location survey.


Services Offered
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