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Herald's commitment to its uncompromising service and cooperation to project team of employer and the Engineer and further reinforcing their faith consistently, towards performance of the company has been enhanced by the competitive team of project and construction management professionals who have always delivered the project in time within the constraints of schedule, resources and budget.


FEW of the Key Personnel and their BRIEF Description


Shah Adit Jitendra PMP, (M.S (USA)), B.E (India), Civil Engineer     FAIQS, FRICS, MIIQS, PMI, AMIE, ASCE, SOE (UAE)
Managing Director
Almost Two decades of illustrious service record and impeccable credentials in the construction industry in U.A.E, Shah Adit, an Indian Origin is the main driving force behind the Herald group. His academic qualification in Construction Engineering and Management from U.S.A, and specializing in value managed project delivery system to provide maximum benefit to client, has enabled the group to give realistic time commitment and effective planning and organizing technique for execution of contract efficiently. Being aware in FIDIC Contract administration and management and further personally overseeing cost estimation for tenders and issues policy for cost and budget control for the company. His diligent and unwavering commitment to the clients, have enabled the group to grow from strength to strength and establish itself.

Manish Patel. (B Eng (Hons.)/MSc/DIC - Civil Engineer,) SOE
Project Manager

A self-motivates project management professional and qualified engineer with bachelor degree in civil engineering graduated with distinction. He leads the project management team of our company. Whilst being professionally trained to be project manager and expert in contract administration, Mr. Manish's valuable experience gained while working since 18 years with giants like, Brown & Root Company, U.K. and Sahara Group in India, has provided with further impetus to his negotiation, coordination, team building & performance skills, perseverance, working under pressure, setting pragmatic targets and achieving the same, for attaining extremely satisfactory results under time bound conditions.


Patel Sunil K. (PMP, BE, SOE (UAE), Civil Engineer)
Construction Manager

A qualified civil engineer with bachelor degree in civil engineering graduated with first class credentials from India. His commendable devotion and dedication to company, and more than 20 years of valuable experience in India and later in UAE have been pivotal to Herald's progress in recent years. His diligence, Professionalism and ability to work in team with other colleagues and coordination with clients, consultants and site officials has proved him to valuable asset to the company. He participates in all sports and likes reading and surfing Internet. Mr. Patel has been in our company since '98.



Paul Kurian
Human Resource & Safety Manager

A Nebosh (U.K.) Certified Safety Professional, Having Additional Certification from CITB ( U.K. ) IOSH ( U.K. ) and many safety courses under gone in Dubai. He is well versed with local, International safety regulations and A Cop, a non- compromising character with regards to safety issues, A good assessor of Safety Requirements on site, Able to work with colleagues and local authorities. He worked in the Indian Air Force in the capacity of senior NCO for 15 years where he gained HR Planning and Implementation.

V.Vimal Kumar (Interior Designer)
Division Manager -Decoration Division

A qualified Interior Designer with bachelor degree in Mathematics with credits from Kerala University, Kerala, India. He has been with the Group since 2004 and has never compromised on his responsibilities since then. He is having fifteen years of experience in major projects in India and U.A.E. Some of the major & Prestigious projects executed under his supervision in his previous companies are the following:-
Armed Forces Officer's Club - Abu Dhabi
H.H. Sheikh Hamdan's Palace - Al Awir
Dubai Intn'l Marine Club - Dubai
Taj Palace - Dubai, Marina Mall - Abu Dhabi
Grand Hayat - Dubai, Emirates Palace Hotel - Abu Dhabi
Al Raha Beach Resort - Abu Dhabi, Hawthorn Hotel - Dubai
H.H. Sheikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Villa – Fujairah
3 Towers (Cluster S) – JLT Dubai.

Suspended ceilings for many buildings / villas and turnkey interior for hundreds of offices are a few to list.

Taufeeque Ahmed (Auto Cad Designer)

A qualified Auto cad draftsman with Six years’ experience in India and U.A.E. with a bunch of prestigious projects in his hands out of which a few are mentioned below:
Exterior Storage – SKI Dubai – M.O.E.
SKI Dubai Façade Upgrade – M.O.E.
G+2 Building at Al Raffa – Dubai
Mall of Emirates – SKI Dubai Façade Upgrade Works
27 Villas + Club House on Plot 362-1361 Umm Suqeim 2nd


Desai Nilesh K.
Manager, Finance and Accounts

An Indian origin and a graduate in Financial accounting and auditing with excellent academic records from the university of Gujarat, Rajkot, Nilesh Desai during his tenure of service has acquired an extensive experience in every aspect of accounting software and banking, He has been with the group since last twelve years and his contribution to the group has been noteworthy. He enjoys all forms of sports and surfing the internet.

Sambhu Singha
Manager, Purchase

An Indian origin and graduate with bachelor's degree in Arts from University of Calcutta, India. Sambhu Singha has 9 years of experience in field of construction industry together in India and U.A.E. Highly resourceful, very effective negotiation skills and interest in understanding the use of different materials and machines has been his noteworthy characteristics. He is responsible for organizing all purchases of the company. An avid sports enthusiast, he enjoys all forms of sports and enjoys surfing the internet.

Depending on type of activity on projects, our multi-skilled human resource enables our company to extract benefit of following personnel which are categorized on basis of their job description.

Administrative Staff:
1. Project Manager 4
2. Construction Manager 3
3. Project Engineer 6
4. Finance & Accounts 2
5. Quantity Surveyors 2
6. Purchase Manager 2
7. HR and Administration 3
8. Supervisor/Foreman 15
9. Store keepers /Time keeper 14
10. Clerical staff 2
11. Office secretary 4
1. Furniture Carpenter 37
2. Shuttering Carpenter 80
3. Steel Fitter 60
4. Aluminum Fabricators 12
5. Gypsum Fitters/Finishers 25
6. Masons 80
7. Painter 30
8. Plumber 15
9. Driver 15
10. Helper 450

Herald Group - Organizational Chart

1. 3.5 tonne pick-up 8nos
2. Staff car 7nos
3. Bus - 83 Seater 5nos
4. Bus - 36 Seater 6nos
1. Tower Crane 3nos
2. JCB Teleloader 4nos
3. Sila Dumper 3nos
4. JCB Skidder 4nos
5. Concrete mixer machines(Mechanical) 8nos
6. Needle Vibrator 8nos
7. Plate Compactor (200kgsr) 6nos
8. Roller Compactor (1ton) 2nos
9. Air compressor (250 CFM) 3nos
10. Air compressor(130CFM) 2nos
11. Thicknesser/planer (eight in one) 1nos
12. Circular Saw machine 4nos
13. Bench saw machine 1nos
14. Heavy duty router machine 2nos
15. Spindle/ moulder 1nos
16. Drill machine 12nos
17. Grinder machine 6nos
18. Generator(diff capacity) 4nos
19. Aluminum cutting machine 1nos
20. Hole cutting machine for aluminium 1nos
21. Scaffolding 30000sqft
22. Supporting & decking system 50000sqft
23. Bar Bending Machine (<32mm) 2nos
24. Bar Cutting Machine (<32mm) 2nos
25. (External) Hoist 6nos
26. Door press machine 2nos

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