Herald Group

Herald Group is registered to carry out and execute construction activities in Emirate of Dubai, and Sharjah in United Arab Emirates. Herald Group has licence to construct project of G+12 storey maximum. Herald group started as building maintenance company in 95'. Along with time, Herald group groomed itself with capabilities, acquired fixed assets, remarkable achievements in performance, accepted new challenges and finally qualified itself to the extent that Dubai municipality allowed and provided licence to Herald Group to construct maximum G+12 storey height. With it's capabilities of assests, competitive and talented manpower, skills, Herald group have handled project worth AED 350Million worth at single time as well. Herald group since, it comprises of multi- skilled workers, can execute following works in-house:

Herald group, due its multidimensional and, skilled work force, being capable of carrying out so many activities in-house are able to maintain quality and effective coordination between different agencies, and provide fast track superior quality project delivery to the client.

Services Offered
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