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Project Management/ Development and
  contract administration services

Our main scope of services currently includes the following from inception to the final closeout:

Pre Contract Services:-

  • Advise on tendering and contractual arrangements taking into account the Client’s priorities and information available from designers.
  • Advise on insurance responsibilities and liaise with Client's insurance adviser.
  • Advise on bonds for performance and other purposes.
  • Prepare tender and contract documentation in conjunction with the Client and members of the design team.
  • Take out quantities and prepare Bills of Quantities / Schedule for rates.
  • Advise on use and/or amendment of standard forms of contract or contribute to drafting of particular requirements in association with Client's legal advisers.
  • Draw up forms of contract, obtain contract drawings from members of design.
  • Advise on short listing prospective tenderers.
  • Investigate prospective tenderers and advise Client on financial status and experience.
  • Attend interviews with tenderers.
  • Arrange delivery of documents to selected tenderers.
  • Check tender submissions for accuracy, level of pricing, pricing policy, etc.
  • Advise on errors and qualifications and, if necessary, negotiate thereon.
  • Advise on submission of programme of work and method statement.
  • Prepare appropriate documentation, if required, to adjust the tender received to an acceptable contract sum.
  • Prepare report on tenders with appropriate recommendations.
  • Advise on letters of intent and issue in conjunction with Client's advisers.
  • Prepare and recommend the final Statement of Completion.
  • Prepare and develop preliminary cost plan.
  • Advise on design team's proposals, including effects of site usage, shape of buildings, alternative forms of design and construction as design develops.
  • Monitor cost implications during detailed design stage
  • Attend meetings at various stages as provided for under the Service
  • Liaise with Client and other consultants to determine Client's initial requirements and subsequent development of the full brief.
  • Advise on selection of other consultants if not already appointed.
  • Advise on implications of proposed project and liaise with other experts in developing such advice.
  • Advise on feasibility of procurement options.
  • Establish Client's order of priorities for quality, time and cost.
  • Prepare initial budget estimate from feasibility proposals.
  • Prepare overall project cost calculation.

Post Contract Services:-

  • Value designers draft instructions for varying the project before issue.
  • Prepare periodic cost reports in agreed format at specified intervals including any allocations of cost and/or copies as requested by third parties.
  • Maintain total contract administration during execution of projects.
  • Value designers draft instructions for varying the project before issue.
  • Prepare recommendations for interim payments to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in accordance with contract requirements.
  • Claims preparation and defense. Herein we include for investigation, review and analysis of contract documents for the preparation of contractual and commercial correspondence.
  • This is generally done to ensure we can avoid disputes wherever possible or otherwise proceed with preparation of claims for Extension of Time and loss and expense that shall assist the Contractor.
  • Special emphasis on ‘Avoidance of claims and disputes - pre and post
  • Development of project schedule on prima vera with detailed work break down structure on input from the project execution teams.
  • Monitoring the project schedule, and provide update of delayed, on-time and early schedules.
  • Providing look ahead program and special comments, of critical activities, supplies,etc.

  Services Offered

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